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The Dimes

Influences ranging from Simon and Garfunkel to The Beatles White Album. Songwriter Johnny Clay delivers dramatic history lessons with a baroque assortment of instruments, sixties pop harmonies, and delightfully simple arrangements.



Long time friends Johnny Clay (The Dimes) and Eric Nordby (Norman) have shared the stage in different ensembles over the years. Most recently the two have joined songwriting forces to explore new ways of writing and recording music. Belvedear is the result of this musical meeting of minds; an earnest suite of songs combining organic sounds and anthemic themes.


Count The Stars

Count the Stars blend their bright and inspiring melodies with lush and pulsating beats, creating a sound that is both inviting and inspirational. The perfect soundtrack for a mellow sunny afternoon.



Singer/songwriters Kelly Anne Masigat and Johnny Clay met in the vibrant Portland, OR music scene and began writing songs together in 2010. Soon after, Trimountaine began to brew out of a mutual love of The Beatles’ “Honey Pie”. Weaving together a wide range of influences, from the jazz of the 1940’s to the folk/pop music of the Pacific Northwest, this Portland duo creates heartfelt and catchy tunes of a by-gone era.


Levi Warren

Levi Warren was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and influenced by folk, rock, americana, and harmony heavy groups like the Beach Boys and Everly Brothers. With his characteristic quiet voice and fingerpicking guitar style, each of those influences shine through his music in their own subtle way.


Curtis Lee

Curtis Lee hails from the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas.  His vocal style, influenced by Soul legends Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Al Green, sits atop world class instrumentation and, of course, swims through some really amazing Hurster Songs hooks.  This music is Indie-Soul at its finest and most pure.


In Skies

Composer Johnny Clay has created a rich musical landscape of delightfully simple melodies surrounded by lush soundscapes and beautiful atmosphere – a perfect soundtrack to the picture books of our lives. Musical stories told with an old intimate upright piano, acoustic guitars and mandolins, and an array of Beatles-era sounds.



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